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“Every soul is a blossom flourishing in nature. It is just that, sometimes, souls need a boost to acknowledge it's time to start flourishing!
And this is the role of health and mental health specialists.”

Psychoeducation: Meetings & Classes

We recognize the importance of educating communities about childhood trauma. Using the CDC/Kaiser Permanente ACEs study (Adverse Childhood Experiences), we are focused on bringing childhood trauma awareness, education, and healing to communities in the UK and globally.

We aim to offer trauma survivors a variety of options, including a healthy diet, mindfulness, exercise, etc. to help them unlock their potential, engage with life and advance their personal relationships.

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Trauma-Informed Community Project

The mission is to create trauma-informed communities.


Our main focus is on childhood trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), attachment theory and injuries, and how they affect the lives of men and women living anywhere in the world.



Christina was phenomenal from the first class, always attentive, never judgmental and helped us with coping strategies to get through such a difficult time. Looking back on it now, I do not know how I would have gotten to where I am now without her support and would recommend The Trauma-Informed Hub and especially Christina to anyone in a similar position.

Claire L.

Working with Trauma-Informed Hub has been a really positive and transformative experience. They got what I needed straight away and through incisive but gentle questioning helped me change the way I think about so many things. If you are thinking about engaging with such group of peers and psychoeducation, I would encourage you to go for it!

Sarah P.



Christina Georgalli

Christina Georgalli

Life & Wellness Coach, Psychology graduate MBPsS, MSc

Georgios Perogiannakis

Georgios Perogiannakis

Dietitian, Nutritionist, Clinical Nutrition Specialist

Antonis Kontitsis

Antonis Kontitsis

Fitness - Personal Trainer


A letter from the Founder

As healthy-mindset enthusiasts, our idea is based on promoting the acquisition of a being-mentally-healthy mindset. 


We aim to raise trauma awareness and we bring people together within a community where everyone acknowledges and respects mental health issues and fights against stigma

We offer sessions and educational programs and we help trauma survivors to unlock their full potential. We introduce a more holistic approach, as we cover different aspects of a healthy lifestyle such as nutrition, exercise, psychoeducation, etc. -everything for being mentally healthy! 

We love encouraging people to succeed. We train organizations/companies/businesses (psychentrepreneurs as we like to call them) to become trauma-informed and to gain a better understanding of trauma survivors.


And the most exciting: all our excellent services and courses are provided to English and Greek speakers from all over the world!


We will be more than happy to welcome you to our trauma-informed community

Christina Georgalli

PsychEntrepreneur, Founder, CEO

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