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2 April 2024


Reveal your Real Self

A transformative 10-month course for Alleviating Stress and Trauma by Tapping into Your Body's Innate Wisdom

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If you're experiencing anxiety, PTSD, depression, insomnia, stress, or overwhelming emotions, your body is already sending you signals.

It's time to discover how to engage in a conversation with your body in order to:

Release the unresolved trauma and stress within you.


This live course is designed to promote an ongoing connection between you and your body through the practice of listening to aspects of your sensory experience that you may not have previously recognized as communicative.

The body communicates...

When we learn to engage with our trauma and stress, we're connecting with a part of ourselves that believes we're constantly under attack, and this can be an incredibly overwhelming experience.


Past events continue to echo within our bodies, leading to feelings of being overwhelmed and stress in current situations.

This process can be highly emotional and deeply felt. That's why this 10-month journey is designed to provide gentle guidance and support.

If you're accustomed to living with stress and trauma, states of threat and constriction become your norm and often go unnoticed.

You may feel like you're reacting excessively or being overly sensitive, but, in reality, you're carrying years of unresolved emotional energy with you.

💚 This Program Is for You If:

(*You aren't required to have experienced every item on this list. Your experiences are distinct, and this list has its boundaries, so rest assured that we welcome you regardless of differing experiences.)

  • You've faced childhood trauma, whether it's physical abuse, witnessing abuse, or arguments, which continues to affect your daily life.

  • Your past has left you feeling abandoned with no one to turn to, and you're tired of carrying this burden alone.

  • You've experienced blame from your parents or others, making you question your worth and capabilities.

  • Someone controlled your choices, including what to wear, say, or think, leaving you feeling trapped and powerless.

  • Threats, harassment, or stalking have been part of your life, leading to persistent fear and anxiety.

  • You've endured any form of sexual abuse or felt pressured into unwanted sexual situations.

  • Swearing, underestimation, or mistreatment were common in your upbringing, causing lasting emotional scars.

  • You often felt fearful, sad, and alone, lacking someone to hear your needs and provide support.

  • Adult responsibilities were thrust upon you at an early age, leaving you feeling robbed of your childhood.

  • Traumatic events, such as violence or war, have left emotional wounds that continue to impact your well-being.

  • You face challenges related to partner issues or difficulties maintaining stable relationships.

  • Procrastination and barriers to success hinder your personal and professional growth.

  • Anger issues stemming from the fight response, a trauma response, affect your daily life.

  • You lack a sense of purpose in life due to issues with identity and self-discovery.


This program empowers you to heal, grow, and thrive with a holistic approach that considers your mind, body, and soul. Your journey to transformation and well-being STARTS HERE. 💚

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Program's Description

Healing from Trauma:

Understanding, Resilience, Transformation....

💜 Gain Insight:

  • Explore the roots of your childhood trauma, including experiences like physical abuse, witnessing abuse, and more.

  • Understand how your early experiences, such as your parents' divorce or feelings of abandonment, continue to shape your present-day challenges.


💜 Identify Trauma Responses:

  • Learn to recognize and manage the trauma responses that are unique to you, resulting from threats, harassment, or other traumatic events.

  • Discover strategies to regain a sense of control and well-being, even if you've felt fear, sadness, and isolation.


💜 Practical Healing Tools:

  • Acquire practical tools and coping mechanisms for healing, including a holistic approach that integrates nutrition, herbalism, and whole foods.

  • Explore our mind-body approach, authenticity, mindfulness practices, self-care techniques, compassion, and much more.


💜 Build Resilience:

  • Develop resilience to lead a fulfilling and empowered life.

  • Embrace your inner strength and unlock your full potential.


💜 Supportive Community:

  • Connect with a community of like-minded individuals who, like you, have faced adversity and are on their path to healing.

  • Share your experiences, insights, and encouragement with those who truly understand your journey.


💜 Expert Guidance:

  • Benefit from expert guidance and evidence-based approaches, including the integration of nutrition, herbalism, whole foods, and world wisdom.

  • Our experienced instructor and everyone involved are dedicated to your transformation.

This course is your opportunity to break free from the shadows of the past.

Don't let trauma and its responses hold you back any longer.

Enroll today and take the first step towards a brighter, trauma-informed future.

Lectures' Calendar

10 months • 20 lectures • 90-min sessions


1st and 3rd Fridays of every month at 7pm BST:

5 & 19 April 2024

3 & 17 May 2024

7 & 21 June 2024

5 & 19 July 2024

2 & 16 August 2024

6 & 20 September 2024

4 & 18 October 2024

1 & 15 November 2024

6 & 20 December 2024

**10 & 31 January 2025**

Classes are recorded for self-paced study.

You will have daily support from the instructor and your classmates through a private online platform just for this program. 



10 workbooks (PDFs) • from 5 minutes/day


  • Self-esteem in 20 Days

  • Self-awareness & Self-discovery in 20 Days

  • Confidence in 20 Days

  • Dealing with Stress in 20 Days

  • Overcoming Procrastination in 20 Days

  • Coping with a Breakup/Loss (whenever it occurred) in 20 Days

  • Discovering your Life's Purpose in 20 Days

  • Attracting Abundance in 20 Days

  • Restoring Joy & Pleasure in 20 Days

  • Gratitude in 90 Days (to continue appreciating daily and applying what I've learned!)

Purple Epoxy

Embark on a journey to meet yourself on the path of...


Integration, Regulation, Active Listening, and Resolution.


This course is expertly crafted to instruct you on how to engage with your trauma and stress incrementally, preventing overwhelm, disassociation, or panic through...

Practice Authenticity

Embrace through meditation, mindset shifts, and somatic experiencing.

Nutrition and Herbalism

Through nutrition and herbalism, it's possible to construct a biological state of safety.


Exercise reduces stress by releasing endorphins and improving overall well-being.

Online Community

Support, guidance, and compassionate connections in our private community.

Green Board

The 10-month Program Costs

£1000 and can be paid with a one-time payment

or through a payment plan of £130/month for 10 months.

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The Instructor & Guide

I'm Christina, a graduate psychologist, life coach, and psychoeducator. I have personally endured childhood trauma and various forms of abuse, and it took me years to confront my trauma responses and comprehend how stress was continually affecting my daily life.


My ongoing journey to heal my body from chronic illness involves whole foods, exercise, and authenticity. I have explored meditation, whole foods, home cooking, and herbal healing, assisting individuals in managing conditions such as PTSD, anxiety, panic, and chronic health issues in my private practice since 2020.


In 2016, I fulfilled one of my greatest dreams by moving to the UK and furthering my studies in psychology and neuroscience. My involvement with trauma began in 2021 when I was part of a team in a Scottish prison responsible for implementing the Compassionate Prison Project. I also served as a tutor in Scottish prisons, teaching inmates.


I've accumulated many years of experience across various professions, but I believe I've been preparing for a role as a therapist since as far back as I can remember. The unique holistic approach to trauma healing that I developed has given me the language and techniques to convey what I had always intuitively understood but struggled to articulate. It has since become the core of my work and life.


To meet the growing demand for my services, I created this course, allowing individuals to address their own trauma by learning how to attune to their bodies. It offers an affordable and remarkable entry point for those embarking on this transformative journey.


For more information about me and my work, please visit the "About Me" page, where I share how I transformed my studies and knowledge into a gift with the work I do today. This course is one of the many gifts I'm delighted to share with you. You'll also receive support from our dedicated team.

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