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Train your brain and
feel safe in your body

Unlocking Resilience: A Mind-Body Approach to Transforming Stress and Trauma

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7 years of Combined Experience

Purple Flower

Trauma isn't just about the events themselves,

but how the body retains them.

It's an enduring sensation, an imprint on the body.


By recognizing and engaging with it,

we can communicate with the feeling of danger.


From there, true healing can manifest, transcending symptoms of illness.

This work centres on connecting with the core.


Relating to the root of your trauma responses means understanding the underlying physical sensations that drive them.


While the mind uses words, the body communicates through feelings.


We can't talk directly to the body, but we can talk about it.


Embracing the physical embodiment of our emotional states enables us to connect with ourselves on a tactile and intimate level, allowing us to develop a new, non-verbal language of self-awareness and healing.

Green Board

Hello, I'm Christina, and I'm here to guide you in learning a profound somatic language -a language of letting go.


If you're prepared to gradually establish a sense of safety in your body and your life, providing you with the necessary capacity to connect with your trauma, I'm here to support you on that journey.

Purple Epoxy

My team and I are dedicated to instructing you on the art of...

Attuning to your body through:

Practice Authenticity

Embrace through meditation, mindset shifts, and somatic experiencing.

Nutrition and Herbalism

Through nutrition and herbalism, it's possible to construct a biological state of safety.


Exercise reduces stress by releasing endorphins and improving overall well-being.

Online Community

Support, guidance, and compassionate connections in our private community.

Green Background

Trauma can manifest in diverse ways...

Anxiety, depression, addiction—all manifest in the body. Many issues persist without just words. Instead, they release through connection. My work gently guides you to embrace these states, enabling you to progress beyond them, breaking the colonial pattern. Remarkably, healing doesn't demand access to the original traumatic memory; the lingering symptoms suffice to cultivate a healing relationship.

Green Typewriter

A transformative 10-month program

Cultivate emotional regulation, amplify your inner voice, enhance relationships, and heal from stress and trauma using nutrition, herbs, somatic techniques, self-inquiry, mindfulness...

Tin Wall

My journey

For many years, I battled chronic illness, depression, and relentless anxiety.

Traumatic events buried deep within me emerged as physical symptoms and behaviors. Writing became my refuge, offering a space to express long-concealed emotions.

The more I wrote, the safer I felt.

I discovered how nutrition, mindfulness, and somatic techniques transformed my nervous system, fostering genuine joy and self-connection.

It's been many years since my depression, anxiety, and panic attacks vanished. I have trained in speech & language therapy, psychology, neuroscience, holistic nutrition, coaching, and executive coaching.


In 2020, I transitioned from working for others to exploring my own ideas and creating my unique approach. Now, I teach my course online, speak at virtual events, support people one-to-one and travel as much as I can to share this transformative work I have developed.

About me - My Journey
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