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Christina Georgalli

Life & Wellness Coach, Graduate Psychologist MBPsS, MSc

Manthos Miriounis

Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Georgios Perogiannakis

Dietitian, Nutritionist, Clinical Nutrition Specialist

Antonis Kontitsis

Fitness - Personal Trainer

Online Learning

Courses, Webinars, Workshops

The Idea


As a Healthy-mindset Enthusiasts, my idea is based on promoting the acquisition of a being-mentally-healthy mindset. 


As The Psy Angles team, we aim to raise mental health awareness and we bring people together within a community where everyone acknowledge and respects mental health issues and fights against stigma. 

We offer sessions and educational programs to healthy-mindset enthusiasts and we help them to unlock their full potential. We introduce a more holistic approach, as we cover different aspects of a healthy lifestyle such as nutrition, exercise, psy-education, etc., everything for being mentally healthy! 

We work for businesses offering wellbeing sessions to employees, whilst we educate and prepare Psy-Entrepreneurs with their business start up. 

And the most exciting: all our excellent services and courses are provided to English and Greek speakers from all over the world!

We love encouraging people to succeed and we will be happy to welcome you to our healthy-mindset enthusiasts or psy-entrepreneurs community! 

Christina Georgalli

Psy-Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO

“Every soul is a blossom flourishing in nature. It is just that, sometimes, souls need a boost to acknowledge it's time to start flourishing!
And this is the role of health and mental health specialists.”
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